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Community Integration Center

Our Community Integration Center focuses on helping adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities integrate themselves with their communities, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose.

Employment Support (IES)

Our IES Program provides one-on-one coaching and mentoring to improve job performance.

Day Habilitation Center

Here at our Day Habilitation Center, we strive to enhance the lives of older adults with our team of compassionate professionals and ensure a loving and safe environment

Home Maker & Personal Care

Our Residential services help individuals become self-sufficient and engaged in their community.

Non-Medical Transportation

Our non-medical transportation service provides an excellent transportation for individuals to and from their place of employment, volunteer activities, and educational programs.

Personalized Shared Living

Our Shared living services provide intimate care, allowing for a sense of community and belonging.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals by offering a secure, supportive, and friendly setting. We advocate for our members and work towards diminishing the negative perceptions associated with disabilities while promoting inclusivity. Our dedicated team of professionals is devoted to establishing a dynamic environment that nurtures and empowers those in our care. We are confident in the attainability of our mission and our ability to positively impact the lives of those we support.

360 Total Care LLC is an Ohio-based company devoted to giving our clients the necessary love, attention, and companionship to fill the gap that different circumstances bring to their lives. We handpick our staff to serve our clients with respect and passion to continue the legacy that this company started.

What We Specialize In

Home Care

Our home care services are centered around promoting independence and teaching new skills to our individuals. We provide access to activities that foster a sense of inclusion and participation. Our focus is on practical skills and person-centered care, allowing our clients to make their own choices.


Our organization has discovered that our individuals greatly enjoy attending multi sensory experience places that offer a variety of sensory experiences. These places tend to have bright colors, music, touch, smell, and movement elements. It is important to note that the environment plays a significant role in the enjoyment of these experiences for everyone we serve.


Our partnership with the community is crucial in building strong relationships and promoting inclusion and motivation among individuals. We strive to provide support for life skills, independent living, social behaviors, and connections. It is important that everyone is accepted and encouraged to participate.

More About Us


Our assessment process is essential in evaluating an individual’s progress in the community. It helps to identify areas of development in skills, health, and safety. Peer relationships and socialization are also important aspects that are assessed. Community participation is another key factor that is evaluated to determine the level of engagement and involvement in the community.

Payment Methods

Our agency is approved by Medicaid and we accept a variety of waiver programs as well as private pay; Including –

  • I/O Waiver
  • Level 1 Waiver
  • Self-Waiver
  • Passport
  • Private-Pay 
  • Elderly Service Program (ESP)

Direct Support

Our direct support professionals (DSPs) are highly trained and well-equipped to assist our individuals, helping them lead independent and high-quality lives while actively participating in our communities. We treat our DSPs like family, and in turn, they provide respectful and compassionate care to our individuals just like family. We deeply appreciate our DSPS work they do.

We Employ

We welcome those seeking a new career to join our company. Our services cater to individuals with developmental disabilities and the elderly. We provide comprehensive training to become a caregiver and assist in obtaining necessary certifications. Our doors are always open to those interested in joining this field.

Already know which services you need?

Not sure what type of care you need?

Already know which services you need?

Not sure what type of care you need?

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A Few Words From Our Amazing Clients

"My aide Eveline, is very caring, attentive and helpful. She's also honest, and pleasant. She's an asset to the agency and patients. "

Michael Brown

"I have been a client of 360 Total Care for more than a year. I like the agency's employees - they are very kind and compassionate people who help me solve my problems."

Peter Honor

"Brittany has been working with me for more than a year. We often go for a walk together; she always accompanies me to doctor’s visits. I love her like a sister."

katherine Woods

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